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Friday, September 21, 2007

Chinese Bakery Types

It's amazing all the different types of Bakeries. I was in Silicon Valley yesterday for a wedding of a family friend and we stopped by a Bakery on Castro Street in Mountain View. Old style Cantonese with no Soy Bean Milk (why do Chinese bakeries not sell this I don't get). Had mini moon cakes for $1.50, typical buns/pastries with pork inside it, and mango pudding. And a few others (Apple Turnover, etc). I compare this to the bakeries in Rowland Heights that combine French, Japanese, and Chinese to include new items such as walnut bread bun, brown sugar bun, something called Danish Bread with egg and dried pork, and lots of freshly baked bread sold in small packages of about 1/3rd the size of a regular load of bread. Chinese Markets such as 99 Market also sell bread like this (and have raised the price). Going into the bakery in Mountain View was like going into a time machine. I feel so lucky with all the choices of bakeries in my area from R J Patisserie that is amazing, to JJ Bakery, to Nei Nei Bakery is a favorite due to good value. I should get Chinesediner going again...


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