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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Chinese Touch Reading Pen

Chinese Touch Reading Pen

I have a limited quantity available of the Touch Reading Pens. I have gotten quite a few requests about them, but I was reluctant to sell till I was 100% sure it would be a positive experience for the customer and me.

The touch pens are fun to use. Basically you have a special book, and the pen then reads the text in Chinese. If there is not a CD provided, I will preload the pen with the needed software. The download from the publishers site is slow, so there will be a day or two delay in shipping touch pens while I test everything. A specially written English Manual is included with the touch pens that I wrote.

Chinese Reading Touch Pen Sets
Home Page of Touch Reading Pens

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Cost of Nepotism

The Cost of Nepotism: J.P. Morgan to Pay $200 Million  -The American Interest

Amazing the double standard of the children of US Politicians, vs. Chinese with American companies (cough, cough Chelsea Clinton's Hedge Fund Job, work at McKinsey the premier US consulting company, and as a reporter for NBC).

Note - I am not saying either is right. I just hate hypocrisy.

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Post Office Loses $1 per order from China Shipped

ePacket shipment from China on ebay.

The Postal service is losing millions a year to help you buy cheap stuff from China - Washington Post

Some observations:

  1. Somehow for low weight items it seems cheaper to have an item shipped from China to the US, than ship an item within the US.
  2. ePacket takes around 14 days to get to the US. It may take up to a month.
  3. Basically Chinese sellers have taken over the market on eBay for new items of low weight mfg. in China.
  4. Some Chinese sellers get a US address (person), and still ship from China.
  5. For new girls dresses category, sellers from China now dominate it. This was not true a couple of years ago.
  6. No idea how returns work for sellers? Shipping from US to China is expensive, probably $15 starting per 1 lb. $16.75 using 1st class. This probably explains why there are so many companies that ship to China, probably use a container.
  7. Not sure how a US seller would compete with stuff from China on eBay, which seems to be about price, price, and price..
  8. ePacket my guess is subsidized by Chinese government, so super cheap and probably below their cost.
  9. USPS actually loses money, $1, on each item shipped from China via ePacket.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Calfornia Bilingual Education Deja Vu?

Calfornia Bilingual Education Deja Vu?

There is a proposition on the ballot, that wants to gut the Ballot Proposition that killed most bilingual education in California. I have mixed feelings about this. My understanding was once 227 went into effect, it had a huge negative impact on businesses selling bilingual materials. I have heard this from multiple book sellers. As an educator, it seemed that prior to 227 many students were stuck permanently in bilingual classes, and never learned English. The incentive for schools being to max out bilingual classes for additional funding. The end result from studies, is eliminating bilingual education did not seem to have a negative impact on student performance.

My 2 cents - What California needs is true bilingual education. What it has prior to 227 was not. The goal has to be to get students fluent in English ASAP, for this is a basic language they need for economic survival in the US, To go beyond the survival level, being bilingual is a great advantage to have. In Southern California Spanish is very helpful, but the rise of China, had made Learning Chinese a competitive advantage.

Déjà Vu in California (Culture Wars) - The American Interest


Friday, August 5, 2016

My First Chinese Words - 36 Books

Why Choose My First Chinese Words

Mini FAQ

What Age is it for?

Why should I use it?
The material is split apart into 36 parts, which works perfectly with the short attention span of kids age 3-6.

How is the Quality?
A+ - What I admire about this publisher, Better Chinese, is the high quality of their products.

Will it work for Non Chinese Speakers?
The program was actually designed for use by non native Chinese speakers. The program originally started by educators from Columbia University.

How many schools use Better Chinese Materials?
Over 1600 schools, Pre-K to home.

My First Chinese Words Set
My First Chinese Words Set (36 Books + Audio CD), Simplified Chinese
Our Price: $50.95


My First Chinese Words series is for little kids to learn Chinese words and make into sentences.
  • 36 short books with a CD that Teaches Chinese through reading
  • Lessons focus on how to communicate in Chinese, not just memorize individual words.
  • Excellent supplementary materials, teaching support system
  • Award Winning!
    My First Chinese Words Set (36 Books + Audio CD), Traditional Chinese
    Our Price: $50.95


    My First Chinese Words series is for little kids to learn Chinese words and make into sentences.
    • Teaches basic Chinese sentences a child can immediately use.
    • Lessons focus on how to communicate in Chinese, not just memorize individual words.
    • Excellent supplementary materials, teaching support system
    • Award-winning curriculum

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    Tuesday, August 2, 2016

    Wade-Giles - Great or Horrible?

    How Wade and Giles did a Disservice to the English Speaking World - Dionysia

    Friday, July 29, 2016

    Harry Potter in Chinese Textbooks?

    Harry Potter in Chinese Textbooks?

    Per the Beijing Daily, a series of books for 6 & 7th graders tested the use of Harry Potter. This was done at the Jingshan School in Beijing.

    I do like the idea of making Learning Chinese more interesting, and Harry Potter is extremely popular. It will be interesting to see how the new book does. The translations of Harry Potter in Chinese are well done.

    I am surprised, since the Chinese government is very rationalistic, and discourages the supernatural in media.


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