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Monday, August 25, 2014

Rote Memorization Helps!

For Math Rote Memorization helps! It makes sense to me for learning the basics of addition through multiplication. The key point of the study was learning the answer to a math operation, such as 2 + 2, makes a change in the child's brain. And as the child learns more math operations, the brain grows, and enables higher level math operations.

Math wars: Rote memorization plays crucial role in teaching students how to solve complex calculations, study says - National Journal

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Cycles or Stages of Chinese History

Interesting article worth a read, and don't forget the comments! My understanding of the article is that China is using this model with the US and other countries, but China is moving too quickly to stage 3 as seen in the South China Sea. My belief is China is doing a cabbage policy and being driven more by internal issues.

The Cycle / Stages per the article:

  1. Start by conceding all that must be conceded to the superior power including tribute, in order to avoid damage and obtain whatever forbearance is offered. But this in itself entangles the ruling class of the still-superior power in webs of material dependence that reduce its independent vitality and strength.
  2. Offer equality in a privileged bipolarity that excludes all lesser powers, or “G-2” in current parlance. That neutralizes the still powerful Other party, and isolates the manipulated soon-to-be former equal from all its potential allies, preventing from balancing China with a coalition.
  3. Finally, when the formerly superior power has been weakened enough, withdraw all tokens of equality and impose subordination.

The Cycles—or Stages—of Chinese History by Edward Luttwak, Hoover Institute


Black and Hispanic Kids Speak Fluent Chinese

It's an after school program in NYC that has 800 students enrolled called the Global Language Project.

Nice video I just found on the program.

Good points from their why pagee:

  • 21 of the top 25 industrialized countries begin the study of world languages in grades K-5, while the majority of U.S. students begin studying a second language at age 14. (U.S. Committee on Economic Development)
  • 80% of students in Europe speak at least two languages.
  • Of the over 55 million students in U.S. public schools, only 50,000 students study Mandarin Chinese - a language spoken by over 1 billion people worldwide.
  • Only 14% of U.S. students consider themselves bilingual.

Newspaper article that got me researching:
Black and Hispanic Kids Speak Fluent Chinese - Dallas Weekly

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Monday, July 28, 2014

College Admissions & Reverse Discrimination

Good read:
Save Our American Dream: Fight Reverse Discrimination in College Admissions  - Breitbart

Peter Kuo, the author, is running for the 10th district that is in the East Bay and 31% Asian and includes Milipitas and parts of San Jose.

What I see as significant about this race, is Mr. Kuo is making it a major part of his campaign. If he wins, it would be a major signal to keep admissions as non race based as possible.

More information on the race: http://www.aroundthecapitol.com/districts/SD10/


Transformers 4' First Film to Cross $300M in China

Which is why Hollywood Movie studios put such a focus on China. A limited amount of US movies are allowed to be shown in China per year, unless they are co-productions and then they can bypass the quota. This is why so many Hollywood movies now have a scene in China. The other major attraction of China, is the US film market is not growing, and the Chinese film market has had a high growth rate.

Recent movies with China scenes:

Iron Man III
The Dark Knight
X-Men: Days of Future Past
Pacific Rim


Box Office Milestone: 'Transformers 4' First Film to Cross $300M in China - The Hollywood Reporter

New China filming incentives could boost international production interest - The Location Guide

China Is Near - The game-changing power of the Chinese box office - Film Comment

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Free Range Kids

This story I found troubling. Brea is pretty close to my house and I have been to that Mall a lot. It has the only Apple store around.

Parents arrested after three-year-old girl is  locked alone inside 104 degree car for 20 minutes in shopping mall car park - Daily Mail

So the ethnic Korean parents got arrested, the kid can end up in foster care, and the child was not harmed.

And a few articles from Reason on similar circumstances, the charge for an 11 year old surprised me:

Mom Charged for Letting Her Daughter, 11, Wait in Car

Mom Leaves Daughter in Car, Daughter Survives, Mom Dies in Bank Robbery

Dad Left Kids in Car At Police Station Parking Lot. Now He's Got New Charges.

The author, Lenore Skenazy has this site and wrote a book:

The question, is how old does a child need to be to be left alone in a car?


Plastic Surgery for Asians

A long article that is worth a read that asks a lot of good questions, about perceptions about race. Plastic surgery is a minefield. It was interesting to read more about the history of that surgery in the US, and what is popular with Asians in the US.
Is Race Plastic? My Trip Into the ‘Ethnic Plastic Surgery’ Minefield - The Cut - NY Mag

What I have noticed, is eyes are a big area of surgery for Asians. A friends sister, who is an identical twin, got the surgery.

And plastic surgery gone bad:

What I find scary, is the celebrities have money, and if they can't get a good job with the amount they are spending, how safe is it for regular people?

Interesting survey results from Taiwan - a large percentage of teens thought plastic surgery was OK
Plastic Surgery okay, says teens - Chinapost


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