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Monday, September 29, 2014

Chinatown Bus Update

Chinatown Bus Pioneer Fung Wah Strangled by Federal Bureaucracy - Reason Magazine
The company has burned through $3 million, as regulators spend a year and a half deliberating its fate.

And some history on what happened:
Why the Government Was Wrong to Shutdown Fung Wah Bus Company - Reason Magazine

My guesses:

  1. High profile traffic accidents made for great copy by journalists, and created a perceived emergency where the government had to act.
  2. It's easier in the government, and less risk, to do nothing, than make a decision. Think what would happen if an agency approved Fung Wah operating again, and there was a big accident.
  3. The large competitors, Grey Hound, etc. are politically connected and are helping regulators to reduce competition.
  4. The ethnic Chinese owned companies due not understand how the political game is played. Campaign contributions, when done legally and to the right people, seem to help the process in government.

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Don't Let Your Kids Play Outside

As a parent, scary...

Child Services to Mom Who Did Nothing Wrong: 'Just Don't Let Your Kids Play Outside' - Reason Magazine

And this was in Texas! OK, it was Austin.


iPhone Aftermarket China Pricing

The Daily Mail in the UK is reporting a huge drop in prices of smuggled iPhone in China and saying it's a flop.

Or may be users are waiting for Apple to launch the iPhone in China? Per Macrumors, the rumored release date is October 10th...

Of perhaps there is too much supply, and not enough demand?

Is the iPhone 6 a flop? Smugglers forced to slash prices by more than HALF after supply outweighs demand in China - Daily Mail

Street Price Beijing:$1,060 and $1,436
Initial Street Price:  $1,960 and $2,450
Retailers Price: $649 and  $499


Thursday, September 11, 2014

China E-Commerce Opportunities

Good read, the part I would be very careful about is the local partner. I have seen so many stories of messy divorces with local partners.

E-commerce expansion in China: A balancing act for retailers - Internet Retailer

This chart from the article is excellent.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Crazy Book Author Plagiarism

I am a keen observer of the Book Industry, and the rise of Indy Authors who publish their works directly without using a publisher. The amount of changes in the book industry is amazing. The positive is many more authors can now write full time, where before it was not possible. They are selling their books as eBooks, and getting a higher amount of the price of a book. The current Amazon vs Hachette is all about allocating money. The part that gets forgotten in the feud is the authors. Tip for 99% of authors - Publishers are not looking out for your best interest (yes, Baen is an exception).

Back to topic. In this example, it seems a person took another Author's Christian Book,  and added some sex scenes, and claimed it as her own. When the original author, Rachel Ann Nunes, found out, the plagiarist then attempted using fake screen names to cyber bully the other person with strange claims and negative reviews on their book. Rachel Ann Nunes then set up a gofundme to fund the needed legal costs to protect her books.

 It's a soap opera, that needs to e read to be believed.

And the person who is accused of plagiarism is a school teacher in Utah!






Crazy School Attendance Rules


Because Avery Gagliano, a 13 year old Piano Prodigy missed 10 days of school due to performances, she was considered a truant by the Washington DC school district. Avery Gagliano was a straight A student, and one of  Lang Lang's Music Foundations music ambassadors.

Avery is now being home schooled because of the threats from the School District of being considered a truant.

Avery Gagliano's mother from the name, appears to be ethnic Chinese (Ying Lam) and may be a bit of a Tiger Mom.

In D.C., a 13-year-old piano prodigy is treated as a truant instead of a star student - The Washington Post

And what is amusing, is now the Washington DC School district is calling the reporter and the Mother liars, excuse me the term is "false representation"

And during the summer, the family got a letter informing them their child was truant, and "along with a helpful brochure that outlines the possible police and Child and Family Services intervention for students who are truant."

Petula Dvorak: No misrepresentation of piano prodigy’s treatment by D.C. schools - Washington Post

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Amicable divorce 'is just as damaging for children'

I view parenting as a tag team sport. Where you can tag the other parent when your exhausted, to continue working with your child.

Amicable divorce 'is just as damaging for children' - Daily News

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