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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Chinese Made Easy for Kids 2nd Edition

Chinese Made Easy for Kids 2nd Edition


Chinese Made Easy for Kids. The basic difference between the old and new editions for both Chinese Made Easy and Chinese Made Easy for Kids:

  • $5 more 
  • New cover 
  • No CD 
  • Pages slightly reformatted.


Chinese Made Easy for Kids is one of our most popular series for Learning Chinese.

1st Edition
2nd Edition
Textbook come with CD
MP3 you need to go to publisher’s site
120 Pages
Target Audience
Primary school children learning Chinese as a foreign language
Yamin Ma
Teacher’s Edition
Supplemental Material
Flash Cards, Worksheets, and Posters
Same, plus digital resources, Teacher’s Book, and Flash Cards (what is the difference between a word card and picture card?).
Available as of 7/23/2016
Textbooks, Workbooks, Worksheets, Posters, and Flash Cards for level 1 and 2.
Textbooks, Worksheets, Workbooks, and MP3 of materials from CD.
From the Front of the Chinese Made Easy for Kids, 2nd Edition Book


  • The second edition of Chinese Made Easy for Kids is written for primary school children who are learning Chinese/foreign language.
  • The primary goal of the series is to help beginners build a solid foundation of Chinese and cultivate interest in learning Chinese. The series is designed to emphasize the development of communication skills from an early age.

Chinese Made Easy For Kids is composed of 4 textbooks (Books 1-4), and each accompanied by a workbook. This series is supplemented by Worksheets, Readers, Teacher’s book, word cards, picture cards, posters, and digital resources.

This series has been written to provide a foundation for the subsequent use of Chinese Made Easy (books 1-7), that is written for secondary and university students.

Design of the Series

  • The content of this series
  • The textbook aims to develop communication skills through audio exercises, conversations, questions, and answers, speaking vocabulary and sentences, the games in the Textbook are designed to create a fun learning environment. The accompanying rhymes mainly consist of the new vocabulary in each lesson to aid language acquisition.
  • In order to build a solid foundation for character writing, tracing and copying characters exercises are included in the Workbook. Exercises such as reading phrases, sentences, and short paragraphs aim to develop children’s reading comprehension skills.
  • In order to supplement the the exercises in the Workbook, more exercises in the Worksheets are provided. These exercises can be arranged to make unit tests when needed.
  • Answers to the exercises in the Textbook, Workbook, and Worksheets along with suggestions for teaching and learning are provided in the Teacher’s book.

The characteristics of this series

  • Since the 1st edition of Chinese Made Easy for Kids was published in 2005, the 2nd edition has evolved to take into account social development needs, learning needs and advances in foreign language methodology.
  • New vocabulary and expressions included.

Yamin Ma 2014

But, You Can Still Get for a Limited Time the Old Edition...
  • I still have some of the old edition.
  • My supplier increased the price by $2 for a list price of $21.95 for the textbook, but for what I have in stock I am keeping at $19.95.
  • If I don't have stock, the price will be $21.95 and I will need to get from one of my suppliers. The delay in shipment if I don't have stock will be 2-5 days. 
Personally, if I was using Chinese Made Easy for Kids I would stock up now on the old edition to save $5 per book.

Chinese Made Easy For Kids
Chinese Made Easy for Kids, Simplified Characters Level 1 Textbook with CD, by Yamin Ma & Xinying Li
List Price: $21.95
Our Price: $21.95


  • Focuses on teaching Listening and Speaking
  • Four levels available! Each level includes a CD and Textbook
  • Used by many schools, tutors, and home-schoolers!
A Childbook.com All time Best-Seller

Chinese Made Easy For Kids
Chinese Made Easy for Kids, Textbook, Level 1, Simplified Characters, 2nd Edition with Digital Content (MP3)
List Price: $24.95
Our Price: $24.95

  • Focuses on teaching Listening and Speaking
  • Four levels available! Each level includes a CD and Textbook
  • Used by many schools, tutors, and home-schoolers!
A Childbook.com All time Best-Seller

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$2,000 Rowland Heights Missing Dog Reward

$2,000 Rowland Heights Missing Dog Reward

I just saw a poster for a 4 lb missing Poodle for $2,000.

My guess another Coyote Victim. May be a dog napping.

Posters with numbers blacked out coming soon.

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Chinese Buyers - Cheaper Houses

Chinese Home Buyer Update

Foreign buyers flood US real estate, but buy cheaper homes - CNBC

Median price per the article was $522,084 with a dollar volume of $27.3 Billion Dollars in the 12 months between April 2015 to March 2016. My guess is some areas just became too pricey, but the impact of devaluation.

Around Rowland Heights I am not seeing the huge amount of houses selling I was, the market seems to have died down a bit.

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'Ghostbusters' Denied Release in China

No Ghostbusters in China?

Question is why?

The articles guess is because China's ideology is very science focused, a hold over of the Communist Party's Marxist Ideology. The studio did try, even removing the term ghost from the title. Pirates of the Caribbean; Dead Man's Chest in 2006 was also not approved. Or could it be because it's seen as a poor performer?

'Ghostbusters' Denied Release in China - Hollywood Reporter

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Coyotes of Rowland Heights

Coyotes of Rowland Heights

On my way to work, I took these pictures. In the past week, I have had 4 Coyote encounters. 3 of them within a block of my house, and 1 of them next to an elementary school. Only one of the Coyote encounters was at night. The most recent one was of two coyotes. See pictures below.

I also saw 4 missing dog flyers. They varied from a Poodle, to a chocolate lab, to a Golden Retriever. I"ll post them after I remove the phone numbers.

Last year a lady with her husband first put up flyers, and then went door to door asking about her small dog. I felt very sad for her.

I called Animal Control, and per the lady who answered the phone they don't do trapping anymore. I then called my supervisors office, who got a call back for me that was a lot more helpful. It seems there is one trapper for all of LA County, and they only trap coyotes that are high priority. He was very nice and sent me some brochures on what can be done.He mentioned they even have Coyotes in Compton. My guess, if their are attacks on people, things will change quickly. This time of year Coyotes give birth, so they have extra mouths to feed. Plus the drought. And cities offer food and water (pools).

The undertone I got from speaking with the person, is they are very afraid a coyote caught in their trap will get on the nightly news as be used a cause celebre by animal rights.

When I googled Rowland Heights Coyotes, I read there was an attack last year in Hacienda Heights. And that Coyotes can jump over 8 ft fences. The Coyote attack killed a dog, injured another while the owner, a Mother and her daughter were in their back year. They set up a go fund me page for the $2,000 of vet bills. Vets, like Doctors, are not cheap.

A facebook page I found from Fullerton, called Coyote Watch and their blog.

Our cat, that adopted us about 2 years ago, was last seen a week ago. My guess is a Coyote got her. The advice I got was don't let our dog or cat out at night. She was a mix of outdoor /indoor cat, so we let her out whenever she wanted to go. We were very lucky to have her as part of our family.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Writing in Cantonese, not Mandarin? Ask Ray

My guess is the immersion nursery is run by somebody from China, that automatically said Traditional Characters are Cantonese.

Original Question:

hi there

Some time ago I bought a number of CDs from your online shop and had them shipped to me in London, UK.

I have since been told by my daughter's Mandarin immersion nursery that the pictures I have shown them of the CDs show Cantonese language writing.

I have not had a chance to lend them the CD yet, but that is my next stop.

For these two CDs at least, ALL the writing is in Cantonese not Mandarin:

I have not had a chance to take pictures of the other CDs that I purchased yet, neither have I had a chance to play the CDs to the fluent Mandarin speakers.

However, I am already a bit shocked. Are you absolutely sure these are Mandarin?



My response:

Dear K,
Short answer is the books use Traditional Chinese Characters with Mandarin Chinese on the CD's and were published in Taiwan.

Longer answer is there are basically two styles of writing in Chinese.  Traditional Characters and Simplified Characters.
Hong Kong, where Cantonese is spoken uses Traditional Characters officially. And that is what is mostly taught in the schools.
Taiwan, where Mandarin Chinese is the official language uses Traditional Characters.
China where the official language, but a lot of dialects are spoken, uses Simplified Characters since the revolution in 1949, and the use of Traditional Characters was outlawed in China.
Simplified Characters are the same as Traditional (if you know one, you can read the other), where some strokes on some characters were removed.
The difference between usage of Traditional Characters in Taiwan and in Hong Kong, are more of a grammar issue.

On which is easier to learn, you have people who argue one or the other is easier. The claims are one has less strokes and the other has a system. My opinion is they are both equally hard and the simplification did not go far enough.

The books with CD's I sold you are in Mandarin, and published in Taiwan with Traditional Characters along with Bo Po Mo, which is a traditional type of phonics used in Taiwan. China uses Pinyin for phonics, that is based on Russian pronunciation. There are also claims on which type of phonics is easier to learn from.
Ray, Owner


UC-Davis Students: Sumo Wrestling Fat Suit Amounts to Anti-Asian Racism, White Supremacy

This comment captures it best:

Difficult to distinguish sincere social justice activism from parody.

Basically UC Davis has a block party, and part of it was a fat suit opportunity.

My thought was intent is a large portion of how something should be judged as racist or not.

I remember that Sumo is now dominated by non Japanese now at the top levels.

UC-Davis Students: Sumo Wrestling Fat Suit Amounts to Anti-Asian Racism, White Supremacy - Reason Magazine


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