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Monday, September 24, 2012

Facebook's China Problem

My 2 cents. FaceBook will not get into China due to control issues with the Chinese government.

Facebook's China problem - CNN

Something not mentioned was the issue outside of China, of trust / privacy for a Chinese Social Media company. And yes, I am very familiar with privacy issues with FaceBook and Google.

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China: Trade and Politics Don't Mix, Except When They Do - China Real Time Report - WSJ

So true...

China: Trade and Politics Don't Mix, Except When They Do - China Real Time Report - WSJ

And a person who was beaten in China, for driving a Toyota Corolla, and is now partially paralyzed..

Soul Searching in China Over Man Beaten Senseless by Anti-Japanese Protestors - China Real Time Report - WSJ

Saber rattling in China and Japan - Washington Post

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iPhone 5 & China

Two articles:

First one is about people in the US buying iPhones, making $150, and having them shipped over to China. This skewed results for first time buyers in areas of the US with large Chinese populations.
Apple's iPhone 5: The Chinatown factor - CNN

Riot Shuts Down Foxconn Plant, Impact on iPhone 5 Production Unclear - Macrumors

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Women in China on Corporate Boards

Good read:

Cracks in the Asian glass ceiling
In China and Hong Kong, women getting on boards
By: Trinna Leong
From: The Wall Street Journal
Date: Monday August 27th, 2012


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Las Vegas Chinatown

Good article about Las Vegas's Chinatown. I did not realize it's been around for almost 2 decades, wow makes me feel old :-)

Chinatown delivers American dreams in Las Vegas - RGJ.com


San Jose Chinatown

Neat article:

 Exhibit tells history of San Jose's Market Street Chinatown - Mercury News

There is also a cool Chinese museum in San Jose.

And my list of US Chinatowns:

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Home Depot will emphasize the web in China

My guess htis is a bit of face saving...

Home Depot will emphasize the web in China - Internet Retailer

My 2 cents is Home Depot should do a lot of experimentation to figure out what works in China for the home improvement market. I am not sure they are actually doing that.

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Unofficial, Official Protests

Good article about how China apparently is trying to channel the anti Japanese demonstrations.  From the Economist Protests, real and fake:

In short, officials are allowing the demonstrators to do their thing, and at the same time doing their best to channel them.

This seems to be the same demonstration that spilled over from a Japanese protest that blocked the US ambasssador's car, and got caught on video by Ai Weiwei
China probes protest around US ambassador's car - Business Week

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Unsure robots make better teachers than know-alls

I believe there is also a lesson for teachers here, the goal is to get the student engaged, and by being interactive this is huge. Getting students to partipicate actively is a huge goal, and also to use the material by teaching it can help in actually learning the material.

Unsure robots make better teachers than know-alls - New Scientest


Study - Canada and China Trade

Worth a read. 

Good Point:

“the line between a bribe and a gift is a fine one that requires a high level of cultural competency to handle without setting off negative outcomes and misinterpretations.”

Closer economic ties with China could bring ‘long-term pain’ for Canada: study - Financial Post

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Moon Festival LA

Nice press release on LA ChinaTown Moon Festival Celebration

A Chinatown Celebrates the 74th Annual Moon Festival Tradition in a Modern Way


Critics Worry About Influence of Chinese Institutes on U.S. Campuses

I missed this, good article.

The list of proscribed topics is interesting :-)

Critics Worry About Influence of Chinese Institutes on U.S. Campuses - NY Times


Chinglish Play at UC Berkeley

Hmm, I wonder if I can convince my family to go see this...

Nice review:
Bilingual ‘Chinglish’ lost in translation - Daily California

The order page, unfortunately it did not seem to be working for me.

  by David Henry Hwang
Saturday, September 15, 2012 8:00PM
Roda Theatre, UC Berkeley


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Grandparents' Day

To all Grandparents...

Happy Grandparents' Day!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Learning Chinese for Tactile Learners

Our last learning style is the tactile learning style. Tactile learns are able to learn easily with the use of their hands, meaning they need to touch and feel things. Learning materials like pop-up books, scratch and sniff books, activities with clay or origami and activities with clay can help a tactile learner learn better. Here are a few examples:

Lucky New Year! With Flaps, Pop-Ups, and More! by Mary Man-Kong, English,  Hardcover
Lucky New Year! With Flaps, Pop-Ups, and More! by Mary Man-Kong, English, Hardcover
Our Price: $9.99  

Great book for children who will love to scratch and sniff the sweet oranges. Let them turn the wheel to find their Chinese animal year! 

Buzz Off I'm Busy, Pop-up Book in Traditional and English
Buzz Off I'm Busy, (Busy Bugz Pop-up Series) in Traditional and English
Our Price: $29.95 
Sale Price: $24.95 
You save $5.00!  

A flying bee flew looking for friends to play with.  No matter where he went to every friend was busy and had no time to play.  When they finished their day's work and they had time to play, they found a sign "Buzz Off!", for Zed is snoozing. 


Touching, playing around, and even smelling can stimulate the tactile learner’s senses and help him or her remember and learn more.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Learning Chinese for Auditory Learners

As from my last blog, we will talk about the next learning style, the auditory learning style. Auditory learners are those who respond to sounds. Music, singing, reciting the words and even the sounds of objects help auditory learners absorb concepts

Books of songs, CDs with music and rhymes, and the like makes it easy for children to retain and remember what they learn. Here are a few examples:

Champion Chinese Sounding Systems & Pronunciation (Foundation Level), Students Edition, BoPoMo, Hanyu
Our Price: $25.00  
(4 reviews)

  • Learn & memorize the most important sounding systems in only two to five hours.
  • Enables students to start sounding out, pronounce Chinese characters and reading Chinese materials in  Bo Po Mo - Zhuyin symbols in about two to six hours.
  • It can take at least 55 classroom hours to teach the student the BoPoMo pronunciation guide using other, more traditional methods.

Sing and Learn Chinese CD & Book
Our Price: $17.95  
(13 reviews)

22 songs in Chinese and English  
  • Simple Chinese vocabulary in a fun way 
  • Book - English, Simplified, Traditional, and Pinyin
  • With instruction guide

These CD’s and books have wonderful music and sounds to help an auditory learner learn about the Chinese Language.

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