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Monday, December 14, 2015

German robots to make first Adidas running shoes in 2016

Amazing how robots are automating more jobs that were previously done by people.

German robots to make first Adidas running shoes in 2016 - Yahoo News

History of Tennis Shoe Manufacturing from what I have heard. Basically manufacturing was moved as the wages increased from country to country.

Korea / Taiwan
China / Indonesia
Vietnam / Indonesia

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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Chinese first African Base

This surprises me...

China is building a base in Djibouti. The US has their main African base there. Djibouti is bordered by Eritrea, Yemen, Somalia and Ethiopia. Not the nicest neighborhood.

And the US did protest against the Chinese base, but was ignored..

Chinese Military Building First Africa Base - The American Interest

China Comes to Djibouti - Foreign Affairs


Hidden Costs of Solar Tariffs

The argument is basically tariffs on Chinese Solar Panels is going to cost US jobs, and the Solar Panels will just come from another country besides China.

My 2 cents. Chinese firms are selling below cost, because of over expansion. The result is a glut worldwide in Solar Panels. And there are subsidies on solar in the US, that with the current solar efficiency do not make economic sense. The largest Spanish Solar manufacturer just declared bankruptcy. A better use of the money for subsidies would be R&D, to increase the efficiency for solar panels and decrease battery cost that will eventually make solar have more economic sense.

Hidden Costs of Solar Tariffs - Bloomberg View

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