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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Drug Resistant Antibiotics & China

Horrible headline, but the best explanation of what happened so far.

Basically the price of Pork in China is a major issue. If it goes to high, you risk upset people. And if you use Colistin, a super antibiotics, with your pigs, it increases their weight. The problem is Colistin was one of the last antibiotics that worked against super bugs.

And why are not more antibiotics being developed? Cost in the US. The average drug costs is $2.6 Billion to get approved. And it does not make financial sense for antibiotics.

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Worked in a video store for 25 years

Great article that is worth a read. It's amazing how technology has doomed the video rental store. When I was speaking with a handyman, and he had Netflix, I was amazed. My family was a later adopter of Netflix.

I worked in a video store for 25 years. Here’s what I learned as my industry died. - Vox

Why is RedBox successful?  My guess is RedBox is cheap enough and they have first run movies faster than NetFlix.

The same thing has happened in the sale of DVD's, that have become less and less of a revenue source for Hollywood.

And yet on the other hand, the Video Game Industry has exploded in revenue.


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Asian-American immigrants have more difficulty mastering English than Hispanics?

Asian-American immigrants have more difficulty mastering English than Hispanics - Washington Times

Key Points:

  1. 54% of LA residents speak a language other than English at home.
  2. 40% in San Franscisco
  3. 51% in Miami
  4. 38% in New York
  5. 45% who speak Chinese are proficient in English.
#5 I wonder about... Strange results, that do not make sense with the fact of the earnings of Asian Americans that are the highest of any racial group. 

The Rise of Asian Americans - Pew Research

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Monday, November 2, 2015

China to End One-Child Policy


The challenges are:

  1. With increased urbanization the birth rate has fallen.
  2. In India, you still have a surplus of males born. 
  3. For a generation, there will be no matter what an imbalance of males to females.

China to End One-Child Policy, Allowing Families Two Children - NY Times.com


Teacher refuses to use $180 Textbook

I am amazed at how expensive College Textbooks are.

This is from my wife's undergraduate, Cal State Fullerton, about a Teacher who refused to use a $180 textbook. A key point was the head of the department was the author...

What I have noticed is textbooks get a lot of junk added to it, multi media, web downloads, etc. that are never used. The editions go through minor changes to reduce the resale and renting market every year or two.

The Chinese Textbooks I sell the most are $29.95, but they are more focused on the K-12 market.

What is happening due to the super high price of Textbooks is a rise in:

  • Renting
  • Use of online textbooks
  • Increase in used textbooks
It's so easy to sell a used textbook now. A major publisher, Cengage, was in bankruptcy. Print book sales have been decreasing. Interesting, they estimate by 2018 that 40% of it's revenue will come from digital. My 2 cents - still clueless. The key word is value, not a compelling solution. And the huge increase in textbook cost has increased the attractiveness of textbook rentals. 

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Principal body slammed in Video

Principal body slammed in Video

Sad. It's hard to be a teacher in some schools / districts. I was a substitute teacher and I took whatever job was available, often at the worst schools in the districts I subbed at. It was a learning experience - which is why I made sure my daughter went to a different district...

And there is a video on YouTube:

The Principal from what I read only received minor injuries.

From 2014 - A Santa Monica Wrestling Teacher who was suspended, after he confronted a student who was drug dealing. Only after parent protests was he allowed back in the class room.



Teacher being Bullied - Daily  News
In the clip, filmed at Chicago Vocational Career Academy in 2011, a student can been seen throwing things at his teacher yelling 'sit your a** down' and threatening her.

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How NY fails students who are gifted, but poor

No mention of Chinese students...  Many of them are poor, but still manage to take the test?


Besides that, interesting article. The basic point is that many poorer students don't take the test that could get them into gifted schools.

How NY fails students who are gifted, but poor - New York Post

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China's Covert Radio Network

China's government has a big focus on soft power, and influencing the media is part of that. The Chinese leadership is awed, by the soft power of American Culture. And is working hard on increasing China's soft power with International Media.

Beijing’s covert radio network airs China-friendly news across Washington, and the world
The Long Arm of China, Part 3- Reuters

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