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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

China’s Military Built with Cloned Weapons

Great pictures! The headline is a bit misleading, since China also copies Russian weapons.

China’s Military Built with Cloned Weapons - US Naval Institute

A comment I found amusing in another article, was the Chinese F-35 clone may actually work better than the US original since they don't have a Vtol version (which the Marines demanded, due to their experience in WW2 of not having air support). OK, I am a bit of a Military weapons geek.


Leaving China? Your books, maps and DVDs may be confiscated

Good read that tells you a lot about China...

Per expats, this was rare in the past, but is now happening more and more often. What is strange to me, is how counter productive it is.

Leaving China? Your books, maps and DVDs may be confiscated - LA Times


Baby First Words In Chinese - Out of Print

I liked the book with CD, Baby First Words in Chinese.  I don't know why Random House, who owns Living Language decided to stop publishing it. I sold quite a few.

A customer called since they noticed I used to carry it, asking about it. They live in Canada, and the third party sellers in Canada are asking a pretty penny for it. $56. The price from US resellers on Amazon Marketplace was around $20. I suggested she look into re-shippers. You ship it to a US address, and then they ship it to Canada.

I did find the Parent and Lyric Sheets that can be downloaded.

And you can buy the Audio Download from iTunes, etc.


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