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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Netflix Gives Up on China

Another US Company Gives Up on China

Netflix joins ranks of U.S. tech companies admitting they can’t conquer China - Market Watch

Translation - Netflix figured out the Chinese government is not going to give up control in a Foreign company in the media space.

Netflix new strategy is partnering with local providers. This is safer, for the profits will be a lot less. And China's government requires that 70% of content be local.

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Why the Golden Rule Matters

Prenda Lawyers Careers up in Smoke - Ars Technica

Could not have happened to nicer people. I hate trolls of any type, including piracy, copyright, and commenters. On the Internet, be nice. It's a good idea in general and will help your mental health as shown in Mindfulness with showing gratitude, but it will also help your reputation.

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Books as Status Symbols

 Good read. I have a bit of this, since I have a lot of business books that I have not read yet. I find it much harder to read a business book, than a fun book. And I have some beautiful leather bound books, collections such as all of Sherlock Holmes, Shakespeare, etc. from when we used to have a local Barnes & Noble, that I have never read. Books for me are more about reading and good content. I buy books new and used. And some of my books are falling apart from overuse. The headache is some of those are out of print...

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