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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

California builders start to use Feng Shui designs

This makes so much sense, and it's been going on for years. Cash from China is helping the California Real Estate market a huge amount.

California builders start to use Feng Shui designs as thousands of wealthy Chinese buy up housing stock in CASH - Daily Mail

Realtors say Chinese investors buying properties worth up to £1.5m in cash
Are attracted to the U.S. by the quality of education and potential returns

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China’s Air Defense Zone Significantly Escalates Dispute With Japan, US

This is a huge deal, and I don't understand how this helps China. I see it as making Japan so it continues to increase it's militarization, which is not in China's interest. After this incident, I would not be surprised if Japan's constitution changes. And if Japan decides it is not safe, and being bullied by China, Japan can go Nuclear very quickly.

China’s Air Defense Zone Significantly Escalates Dispute With Japan, US - Via Media

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Do different languages confer different personalities?

The argument in the article is your native language have a bearing on your personality, it's called the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis. With Chinese, since there no tenses, it changes how you look at the world. A fun Sci Fi Book to read with this concept is The Languages of Pao

I have seen this a bit, where depending on the language a person acts differently. Since language has a huge bearing on culture.

At a pharmacy counter onetime I remember, a female Pharmacist had the nicest sounding Spanish, and when she switched to English, her voice and the way she said things was not as nice. I saw the same thing with a former boss, from Argentina, where when he spoke Spanish to his wife, it was much better sounded than his English.

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Online dating app reveals how race matters in romance | Mail Online

I am in a mixed Marriage, my wife is from Taiwan, so I am interested in mixed marriages, race, and culture. The part that was frustrating is this quote "However, the findings said men tend to be drawn to women from another race, contrast sharply with another recent study". Someplace I read that most studies are hard to replicate...

Online dating app reveals how race matters in romance | Mail Online

Related Posts:

Interracial Marriage Hits All-time High

Chinese American Marriage Tips

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LA schools' iPad adventure keeps getting worse


The LA schools' iPad adventure keeps getting worse - LA Times

LAUSD has great ideas, unfortunately they have big issues implementing them. The high drop out rate at many LAUSD schools is a crime.

My take on the Great iPad Adventure:
  1. LAUSD thought the Software had a lifetime license, and it's only for 3 years.
  2. LAUSD, where I did my student Teaching, has huge IT issues.
  3. LAUSD should have started small, and figured out what works before expanding.
  4. The plan for having each of the 650,000 students with an iPad, at a cost of $700 per tablet, about a Billion Dollars total.

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Last Barber in Rowland Heights?

I got a haircut from my Barber in Rowland Heights, I have been seeing him for over 20 years. I have stayed with him through four moves. It's interesting to get his impression of Rowland Heights. He is Latino, and grew up in East LA. He sees a huge growth in Hair Salons, he guessed there are over 40 of them in the Rowland Heights area owned by Asians. All very modern looking. There is also a Fantastic Sam's in the same plaza as him. There used to be around 10 barber shops in Rowland Heights, but they are all gone except him. Rowland Heights has also changed in the last 20 years with a huge growth in the Chinese population.

If your in the Rowland Heights area and looking for a  Barbershop, Dave is located in the Stater Brothers plaza at A Better You Hair Design (with no Yelp Reviews).

I just did a bit of research... Per Yelp, there are 53 Hair Salons in Rowland Heights, and 9 Barber Shops. And the one I use is not even listed...


Monday, November 18, 2013

Children liable for calling ex-Catholic school teacher a 'perv' and 'creeper'

For Teachers, I feel this is good change. As a parent, it could be a negative. From reading what the teacher did, I disagree with his actions. As a male teacher, it's very important to never, never put yourself in a position where you can be accused of anything.

Children liable for calling ex-Catholic school teacher a 'perv' and 'creeper' - Mail Online

When I was a teacher, a story I heard 3rd hand about a male teacher who was accused by some girls of something, and the reason that came out was the girls were upset with him over a grade. It finally came out later,  but by then the teacher's career had been ruined.

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Student Loans non payments increase

My take away is it's hard for new graduates to find jobs. Which is worrisome, since my daughter should be graduating from college this year. Student debit is not eh largest non-mortgage related debt in the US.


All of a Sudden Students Have Stopped Paying Their Loans, Again—Why? - The Atlantic

Young and priced out of the US housing market: Mortgage debt traded for student debt. The dramatic fall in homeownership for those 40 and younger. - Dr. Housing Bubble


China's 1 Child Policy Changes

If both parents are single children, China will allow a 2nd child. Huge change, which I have been expecting. Eventually, I see the one child policy will be discarded. What is driving this is China's demographics are a challenge, where the country may get old before it gets rich. The challenge is the price of raising a child has increased in China, which will impact the birth rate. It seems the richer a country gets, the smaller the birth rate. The exception seems to be Nordic countries.

The question on the new policy is implementation:
China to Move Slowly on One-Child Law Reform - WSJ


MOOCs Team up with LinkedIn

LinkedIn in the US is a major tool in professional job hunting, so it's great that LinkedIn is pushing MOOCS.

MOOCs Team up with LinkedIn - Via Media

My LinkedIn page is more of a hobby, but for reference if your working on yours - Ray Ritchey LinkedIn page

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Panhandling in Rowland Heights Area

Next to Freeways I have noticed a lot of Panhandling in the Rowland Heights area.

The most aggressive person is at the Westbound Off Ramp of the 60 Freeway at Fairway. He pushes the button on the cross walk, to get the light to change so cars are forced to stop. He comes up and puts his hand right in front of your face if you are trying to avoid eye contact with him. The person is Asian, and when panhandling walks with a limp. On his way to his spot, his ability to walk seems much better.

At the Eastbound Exit of Azusa on the 60 Freeway, I have seen several panhandlers. Today's appeared to be a Male, Hispanic of around High School age. His sign said something about no work. At Home Depot, which is between Azusa and the next exit, one day around 1PM I counted 43 people looking for work in the parking lot.

At the same exit, Azusa & 60) a few months ago there was a White Male, early 20's, who's sign said he was hungry. That touched my heart, so I gave him some money. And then he was there the next day with the same sign. The saddest panhandling I saw, was a couple, White Male with an Asian Wife, asking for money on that corner. I only saw them there one day. My Grandmother's comment was panhandling was the hardest thing a person could do. I think she would have been a teenager during the Great Depression. Her Father did work for the WPA.

In the middle concrete island of Nogales where the 60 Freeway comes off, I also see panhandlers. A frequent panhandler is missing a leg. I have also seen some Hispanics selling bags of Oranges.

In El Monte, I saw a panhandler who had one crutch at Rosemead and the 60 Freeway. When I came back, he was walking on Rosemead and carrying the crutch.

If your into Marketing, I just heard a Rosser Reeves story about how he helped out a panhandler, and by adding 3 words, he dramatically increased the contributions.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sham Wedding Raided, found out to be Real

Sham marriages do happen for immigration purposes. I remember how my wife and I were quizzed a bit by immigration when we had to go for her immigration interview. It was a nice visit and I still remember being asked for a wedding photo, and all I had was one from our engagement. The photo from our engagement was one I am not supposed to have, since my wife does not think it's flattering...  My opinion differs.

What was strange about this was it took 30 minutes to figure out it was a real wedding. This was in the UK, where laws are a bit different than the US.

'Sham wedding' raided by immigration officials - only to find couple Miao Guo and Massimo Ciabattini saying their vows were genuine - Mirror Online

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China's Changing Oil Calculus

Excellent point about China's huge thirst for oil. Basically China would like to increase the amount of oil it gets overland to reduce the leverage the US has due to their huge naval superiority.

China's Changing Oil Calculus - The National Interest

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College Applications - Watch Your Social Media Profile

Social Media is becoming more important in your college application. It can help you, but it can also hurt you...

Many employers will Google potential employees, and I am sure many colleges do the same for applicants.

They Loved Your GPA. Then They Saw Your Tweets - NY Times


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

MOOC Master’s Degree Makes Big Splash in Debut

It's exciting there is so much interest in an online Master's Degree in Computer Science for only $7,000. And what is very interesting is the difference in demographics. 79% of applicants are US citizens, where the usual program is only 9%. The headache with a Master's program is the time in school, vs. the money you can make. From an economic prospective, it's often better to work, than take 2 years unpaid, plus the cost of school and expenses, to get a degree. Especially in the high demand are of programming.

MOOC Master’s Degree Makes Big Splash in Debut - Via Meadia

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Rowland Heights School Board Election Results

Anne Ma lost the school board election by 83 votes, which surprised me. She has some connection with a local property management company, and she seemed to spend more than anyone else.  So why did she lose? I did get two robocalls from the person who won, with an endorsement. It seems the person who won got more endorsements.

And there was some controversy over the selection of a superintendent. And one incumbents lost the election, and another decided not to run. The teachers union was unhappy, and there was also a parents group formed due to frustrations with the lack of budget transparency.


Rowland Unified voters elect two new faces to school board - SG Tribune
Rowland Parents and Educators Association
Rowland Kids group asks RUSD for transparency, integrity - SG Tribune
ballotpedia on RUSD Elections

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Online Accreditation

When I was younger, I heard a lot about mail order diplomas. Where you earned a degree by correspondence courses, and the quality was not there. The challenge for online degrees, which have replaced correspondence courses, is how do the demonstrate the quality of their output?
 Accreditation seems to a way.

Good article that touches on some of the challenges:

Wanted: An Accreditation System for MOOCs - Via Meadia


China's Solar Producers - Who will be the last man standing?

It seems to be the China's Solar Companies are playing a dangerous game of musical chairs. Where each of them wants to be the last one winning. The danger is the longer they are kept on life support, the more resources they use.

At home in the past week, I have gotten 2 calls about installing Solar - and I am on a do not call list.

China Throws More Money at Failing Solar Company


Chinese Company Falling Short of Goal for California Jobs

For some reason I am not surprised. The promised growth in jobs has not happened.

It will be interesting to see how this turns out:
The company is also being sued by Sandra Itkoff, a former vice president who helped secure the Los Angeles deal. Ms. Itkoff has charged that she was a victim of discrimination and was wrongfully fired. In court papers, Ms. Itkoff asserts that she was the only non-Chinese-speaking employee in the office, and that executives routinely took advantage of Chinese workers. The company dismissed the claims and said that Ms. Itkoff was fired after she physically attacked another company executive.       

Chinese Company Falling Short of Goal for California Jobs - NY Times


Why choose Humanities as a Major?

Good article in the NY Times, talking about how many students are not taking humanities classes. Unfortunately, they use as their example top schools and miss the core issues.

One core issue is a true classical liberal education that teaches one to think, is a huge asset. Unfortunately, most colleges have abandoned the true liberal education and gone with one based on ideology, and flavor of the month, that is not teaching critical thinking skills. The Sokal Hoax is the textbook example of the challenges in the Humanities, where a researcher deliberately submitted a paper filled with nonsense, that sounded good, to a leading journal and it got accepted.

The second core issue, as online classes growing increasing competition, at a substantially lower price, and tuition keeps on going up for top schools, what will the future be for majors schools that are not in the top tiers? Can they still afford to charge $50,000 a year?

My MBA was designed as liberal arts MBA, and I greatly appreciate what I learned at the Drucker School. It has taught me a lot to think and helped me to ask the right questions. Unfortunately, most schools do not teach much of Peter Drucker. One of the most important questions I learned from him, is asking "Are you doing the right work?" A very powerful, simple question.

As Interest Fades in the Humanities, Colleges Worry - NY Times

Another analysis of the article:
Students Tuning Out Humanities Professors - Via Meadia

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