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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Panhandling in Rowland Heights Area

Next to Freeways I have noticed a lot of Panhandling in the Rowland Heights area.

The most aggressive person is at the Westbound Off Ramp of the 60 Freeway at Fairway. He pushes the button on the cross walk, to get the light to change so cars are forced to stop. He comes up and puts his hand right in front of your face if you are trying to avoid eye contact with him. The person is Asian, and when panhandling walks with a limp. On his way to his spot, his ability to walk seems much better.

At the Eastbound Exit of Azusa on the 60 Freeway, I have seen several panhandlers. Today's appeared to be a Male, Hispanic of around High School age. His sign said something about no work. At Home Depot, which is between Azusa and the next exit, one day around 1PM I counted 43 people looking for work in the parking lot.

At the same exit, Azusa & 60) a few months ago there was a White Male, early 20's, who's sign said he was hungry. That touched my heart, so I gave him some money. And then he was there the next day with the same sign. The saddest panhandling I saw, was a couple, White Male with an Asian Wife, asking for money on that corner. I only saw them there one day. My Grandmother's comment was panhandling was the hardest thing a person could do. I think she would have been a teenager during the Great Depression. Her Father did work for the WPA.

In the middle concrete island of Nogales where the 60 Freeway comes off, I also see panhandlers. A frequent panhandler is missing a leg. I have also seen some Hispanics selling bags of Oranges.

In El Monte, I saw a panhandler who had one crutch at Rosemead and the 60 Freeway. When I came back, he was walking on Rosemead and carrying the crutch.

If your into Marketing, I just heard a Rosser Reeves story about how he helped out a panhandler, and by adding 3 words, he dramatically increased the contributions.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've got to admit that some homeless people are just as into the entrepreneurial spirit and being go-getters. Lawyers and sales people lie just as much as some vagrants.

November 17, 2013 at 7:12 PM  

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