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Monday, October 28, 2013

Which Chinese Textbooks for a 5th Grader - Ask Ray

When figuring out the right textbook a couple of questions you need to answer:
1. Traditional or Simplified.

2. Is there access to a native Chinese Speaker for checking the work?
I am going to assume Simplified Chinese, with limited access to a Chinese Teacher.

My list of textbooks for grades 6+
I would recommend:
Discovering Chinese

It has a good teacher manual that is in English and lots of supplemental material. I like practical Chinese a lot, but it's not as polished and does not have a Teacher Manual. Chinese Made Easy is widely used, but you need a Chinese tutor with it. Kuaile Hanyu - Happy Chinese I like the CD Rom a huge amount (does not work on Mac). The textbooks you need a Chinese Teacher, but they are great for Middle School students.

I hope this helps,

Ray, Owner
Learning Chinese Materials for Kids

My 5th grader was in a Chinese immersion classroom from kindergarten thru 3rd grade, but now is in reg class.  We want her to keep up her Chinese, but we need recommendation on what kind of materials are appropriate.  She's not a beginner.  Is there intermediate materials that would be appropriate for her?  Would luv a workbook to practice characters.  She can write Chinese sentences like "I love my friends...in my house I have an older sister, 2 older brothers and my mom & dad, etc"

Can u make some suggestions?  Don't want it too easy.  She will use these materials at school when other kids are doing  Spanish.



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