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Friday, November 1, 2013

Why choose Humanities as a Major?

Good article in the NY Times, talking about how many students are not taking humanities classes. Unfortunately, they use as their example top schools and miss the core issues.

One core issue is a true classical liberal education that teaches one to think, is a huge asset. Unfortunately, most colleges have abandoned the true liberal education and gone with one based on ideology, and flavor of the month, that is not teaching critical thinking skills. The Sokal Hoax is the textbook example of the challenges in the Humanities, where a researcher deliberately submitted a paper filled with nonsense, that sounded good, to a leading journal and it got accepted.

The second core issue, as online classes growing increasing competition, at a substantially lower price, and tuition keeps on going up for top schools, what will the future be for majors schools that are not in the top tiers? Can they still afford to charge $50,000 a year?

My MBA was designed as liberal arts MBA, and I greatly appreciate what I learned at the Drucker School. It has taught me a lot to think and helped me to ask the right questions. Unfortunately, most schools do not teach much of Peter Drucker. One of the most important questions I learned from him, is asking "Are you doing the right work?" A very powerful, simple question.

As Interest Fades in the Humanities, Colleges Worry - NY Times

Another analysis of the article:
Students Tuning Out Humanities Professors - Via Meadia

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