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Monday, November 2, 2015

Principal body slammed in Video

Principal body slammed in Video

Sad. It's hard to be a teacher in some schools / districts. I was a substitute teacher and I took whatever job was available, often at the worst schools in the districts I subbed at. It was a learning experience - which is why I made sure my daughter went to a different district...

And there is a video on YouTube:

The Principal from what I read only received minor injuries.

From 2014 - A Santa Monica Wrestling Teacher who was suspended, after he confronted a student who was drug dealing. Only after parent protests was he allowed back in the class room.



Teacher being Bullied - Daily  News
In the clip, filmed at Chicago Vocational Career Academy in 2011, a student can been seen throwing things at his teacher yelling 'sit your a** down' and threatening her.

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