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Monday, November 2, 2015

Teacher refuses to use $180 Textbook

I am amazed at how expensive College Textbooks are.

This is from my wife's undergraduate, Cal State Fullerton, about a Teacher who refused to use a $180 textbook. A key point was the head of the department was the author...

What I have noticed is textbooks get a lot of junk added to it, multi media, web downloads, etc. that are never used. The editions go through minor changes to reduce the resale and renting market every year or two.

The Chinese Textbooks I sell the most are $29.95, but they are more focused on the K-12 market.

What is happening due to the super high price of Textbooks is a rise in:

  • Renting
  • Use of online textbooks
  • Increase in used textbooks
It's so easy to sell a used textbook now. A major publisher, Cengage, was in bankruptcy. Print book sales have been decreasing. Interesting, they estimate by 2018 that 40% of it's revenue will come from digital. My 2 cents - still clueless. The key word is value, not a compelling solution. And the huge increase in textbook cost has increased the attractiveness of textbook rentals. 

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