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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Learning Chinese for Tactile Learners

Our last learning style is the tactile learning style. Tactile learns are able to learn easily with the use of their hands, meaning they need to touch and feel things. Learning materials like pop-up books, scratch and sniff books, activities with clay or origami and activities with clay can help a tactile learner learn better. Here are a few examples:

Lucky New Year! With Flaps, Pop-Ups, and More! by Mary Man-Kong, English,  Hardcover
Lucky New Year! With Flaps, Pop-Ups, and More! by Mary Man-Kong, English, Hardcover
Our Price: $9.99  

Great book for children who will love to scratch and sniff the sweet oranges. Let them turn the wheel to find their Chinese animal year! 

Buzz Off I'm Busy, Pop-up Book in Traditional and English
Buzz Off I'm Busy, (Busy Bugz Pop-up Series) in Traditional and English
Our Price: $29.95 
Sale Price: $24.95 
You save $5.00!  

A flying bee flew looking for friends to play with.  No matter where he went to every friend was busy and had no time to play.  When they finished their day's work and they had time to play, they found a sign "Buzz Off!", for Zed is snoozing. 


Touching, playing around, and even smelling can stimulate the tactile learner’s senses and help him or her remember and learn more.


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