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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Learning Chinese for Visual Learners

Our children, like us, have different learning styles. Knowing these styles is very useful when you want to home school your child, tutoring your child with their school work, or even teach them a new language. We will tackle the first style, the visual learning style.

Visual learners are those who respond to images, shapes and colors. They learn easier with picture book, flash cards, videos, etc. If your child falls under this style, materials with illustrations work well in teaching them some examples:

Mandarin Chinese Picture Dictionary-Berlitz (Simplified Chinese/English)  Softcover.  128 pages.
Mandarin Chinese Picture Dictionary-Berlitz (Simplified Chinese/English) Softcover. 128 pages.
Our Price: $12.95  
(7 reviews)

Bilingual in Simplified  Chinese and English. Softcover.  128 pages

  • Over 1,000 alphabetized words
  • Learning basic words, such as colors, shapes, numbers, foods, animals, and much more! 

  • With translation, a simple sentence, and an illustration
  • A conversation section lists important phrases beginners will need to converse. 

C is for China by Sungwan So
C is for China by Sungwan So
Our Price: $7.95  

An alphabetical and photographic journey through China, depicting its people, customs, history, religion, and beliefs. 

These books have beautiful pictures and illustrations which help a child learn about the Chinese language and culture easily.


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