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Thursday, August 30, 2012

In the 626

Good article! 626 is the area code for the San Gabriel Valley, that has a huge amount of ethnic Chinese in it. I basically live and grew up in the 626 area. My business is in the 626 area code, and my house is a couple of blocks from 626 - Rowland Heights is split between the 626 and 909 area codes.

Asian American youth culture is coming of age in 'the 626' - LA Times
San Gabriel Valley locals celebrate the 'fusion lifestyle' they're forging. It draws on U.S. hip-hop and Chinese dialects, includes Instagram and pho. Boba is a must.

Hint for being culturally sensitive, do not at work get into a discussion with a Taiwanese, about how they area really Chinese. It may often lead to an argument.

The comments has a thread going on being Taiwanese vs. Chinese.

The video on the 626

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