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Friday, September 7, 2012

Learning Chinese for Auditory Learners

As from my last blog, we will talk about the next learning style, the auditory learning style. Auditory learners are those who respond to sounds. Music, singing, reciting the words and even the sounds of objects help auditory learners absorb concepts

Books of songs, CDs with music and rhymes, and the like makes it easy for children to retain and remember what they learn. Here are a few examples:

Champion Chinese Sounding Systems & Pronunciation (Foundation Level), Students Edition, BoPoMo, Hanyu
Our Price: $25.00  
(4 reviews)

  • Learn & memorize the most important sounding systems in only two to five hours.
  • Enables students to start sounding out, pronounce Chinese characters and reading Chinese materials in  Bo Po Mo - Zhuyin symbols in about two to six hours.
  • It can take at least 55 classroom hours to teach the student the BoPoMo pronunciation guide using other, more traditional methods.

Sing and Learn Chinese CD & Book
Our Price: $17.95  
(13 reviews)

22 songs in Chinese and English  
  • Simple Chinese vocabulary in a fun way 
  • Book - English, Simplified, Traditional, and Pinyin
  • With instruction guide

These CD’s and books have wonderful music and sounds to help an auditory learner learn about the Chinese Language.


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