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Saturday, November 10, 2007

About Us - Why bring up our daughter bilingual in Chinese/English

The about us section of ChildBook.com is extremely personal. It talks about how my wife and I started ChildBook because of our frustration of finding material to bring up our daughter bilingually in English and Chinese. Local bookstores had a horrible selection and were often over priced. Yesterday, I saw a book of 40 children songs in Chineses and cd for $21 that I sell for $9.95. And my selection is a lot larger for children items than them and the quality is high. It's hard to find materials that are of good quality. Sometimes books have great Chinese, but then you look at the English and it's strange... Or the Chinese is translated word for word, which makes for very strange Chinese. Dr. Suess is an example that does not translate well into Chinese (and I don't carry). It's much easier if you carry the right product since then you don't get into returns (I hate those). It's astonishing how low ChildBook's return rate is compared to the Industry average. And ChildBook has a nice return policy. ChildBook to me is the type store that I would like to shop in and feel proud to have my name attached to it.

A while ago, a competitor actually stole content including word for word of my about us page. They finally made some changes on that after I complained (I could have made their life really miserable, but I like to play nice). It's minor, but since it's about my family's journey of raising our daughter, it's a bit personal and I don't appreciate it.



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