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Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas in Beijing

From the blog of the WSJ, the Expat Life

This sentence leaps out at me:

Other American families of different faiths were also upset, but our British and Aussie friends couldn't understand why. It was another reminder that in my expat life, the cultural miscommunication is not always between me and China.

Separation of Church and State in the US I am sure nobody really understands. The economist had a wonderful cartoon a few years ago on an article explaining it. It was on one side state, and the other side church, with this non straight fence being put up by judges that went back and forth to keep a balance between both sides.

Peter Drucker taught the reason that Churches did so well in the US was the free market, and the lack of state support. This creates competition by churches for members. I can see this where I live, as the population changes to more Asian (Chinese mostly, some Korean), the churches are also changing as more and more Chinese and Korean Churches move in. One Lutheran church my daughter went with her hand bell choir was a few months later sold to a Korean Church. The Lutheran church moved out to Chino I believe. My daughter's school she went to through 5th grade, a Christian School, also got sold with plans to move out to Chino. Rick Warren spoke at Alumni Day last year for the Drucker School for Alumni Day.



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