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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Religion in China

Business Week has an article about China's Spiritual awakening. I would give the article a C+ (which is why I subscribe to the Economist). The articles major point is there has been an increase in Buddhism in China and some of it has become trendy.

What the article did not include:

1. The two words, Cultural Revolution, were not included at all. In discussing religion in China this is huge due to the impact on culture and organized religion in China. Destruction of thousands of temples and churches, displays of religious images were not allowed, impact on Tibet, etc.
2. Any mention of the Dalai Lama.
3. Any mention of Christianity in China including underground churches. 40 Million Christians in China (at least), may be up to 65 Million or 5% of the population (and growing).
4. Any mention of Islam in China. 1.5% of the population. Side note - There are a couple of Chinese Islamic restaurants in Southern California that are great. One in Rowland Heights, China Muslim changed their name to VIP China Restaurant.
5. Relations between the Catholic Church and China and from the Economist.
6. Falun Gong
7. Taoism
8. Government control of religion in China
9. Religion in the Chinese diaspora (overseas Chinese). In Rowland Heights for example, there is a huge amount of Chinese Churches.
10. Festivals in China

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