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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Teaching Chinese using Skype

Skype, and other VOIP Technology is being used to teach Chinese and other foreign languages over the Internet. This way a native language speaker can teach a student at less of a cost. Win win for both parties involved.

For both sides it's important to get the right headset. I suggest Plantronics and look into noise cancellation (this way the person you are calling hears you, and not all the background noise around you). Plantronics makes headsets for call centers for people who are on the phone all the time. Their are even wireless headsets.

Some articles that cover teaching Chinese using VOIP:
If your interested in Learning Chinese via a tutor using Skype send me an E-Mail, I know a Chinese teacher who is interested in teaching using Skype. She documented a project for me (that I need to post) and I feel I owe her (but she says all the free stuff she got off my site is payment enough).

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