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Friday, June 6, 2008

Homeschooling Learning Chinese Feedback

This is such a nice E-Mail I just got:

Hi ray
I just wanted to say thank you so much. I am a homeschooling mum in Australia. My two daughters love all things Chinese and asked me if they could learn Chinese as a second language! I was so worried as i can't speak mandarin. I searched the whole of Australia and found nothing use full. Then I came across your site it was really easy to use and I found heaps of resource.
I ordered some of the songbook packs the kids love them, and within just a few days say quiet a bit and nearly sing one of the songs they can also nearly count to ten with out having to check they love it. The teachers manuals and colouring book are excellent too,so thank you again. I'm telling all my home schooling friends and we will be buying more from you soon thank you

Thanks Suzanne, your E-Mail made my day!

I like the idea of using music and songs for teaching Chinese. I prefer these over Learning Chinese DVD's, because the involve the parent with their child that has so many positives. Video's have their place and are a useful tool. The coloring books are the practical Chinese Activity books which are well done and great for kids. Learning Chinese Coloring/Activity Book, Simplified Characters and Learning Chinese Coloring/Activity Book, Traditional Characters

Feedback like this is so nice. My guiding principal is the customer comes first. That influences everything from getting the right learning Chinese Educational Products to having a web site that works to providing great service. It's surprising the amount of maintenance required on a web site, I think of it like gardening, something you need to constantly work at everyday.




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