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Friday, July 4, 2008

Bookfairs for Chinese Children Books and Learning Chinese

A local school is starting a bilingual Chinese program. Bilingual kindergarten planned in Hacienda Heights at Wedgeworth. Nice school. I hope more schools due true bilingual classes. This is where kids actually learn both English and another language.

The perceived problem with bilingual education in California that resulted in passage of Proposition 227 was kids in it were not becoming fluent in English. Bilingual education was seen as a way of teaching English. Because of Proposition 227 passing bilingual education in California plunged, as did the sale of Bilingual Chinese Books to schools. A couple of publishers I know got hit hard by this. True bilingual education is not using it as a method to teach English, but teaching both languages. A class is either done fully in Chinese, or in English in a full immersion environment. Biligualism is possible, I just look at Europe that graduates people with wonderful English ability, in addition to their native language.

So I should investigate doing book fairs at local schools. I have seen them done by a local independent American bookstore. Of course selling online makes it easier on payment, not having to give change, no labeling needed, etc. Something to think about.



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