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Monday, July 28, 2008

Unlocking DVD PC Players

Some more info. on how to unlock the DVD Player on your mac or pc from Popular Mechanics. It's nice to find out there is even a free solution out there.

For people in the US who live near place with a lot of Chinese, if you go into the local Electronics store you can buy a zoneless DVD player. Around $35. Many ethnic Chinese use them so they can play DVD's from China and Taiwan. I have also seen them online.

My opinion, the zoning in DVD's does not prevent people from watching them. It just adds to the inconvenience. The original goal was making it so the movie studios could offer different prices in different areas. Europe has the highest prices, then the US, then Asia. Reality is it's easy to buy a zoneless DVD player in Europe, I know, because I have shipped a few orders of DVD's over there. They can buy in the US, pay shipping, and it's still cheaper than buying there. My frustration is on Chinese Children DVD's not having them available in the US easily for children who want to learn Chinese.

And what I have seen, if you can believe it, is the prices for Disney that has wonderful dubbed versions of their DVD's in Taiwan, is about the same as in the US. I was importing Mulan in Mandarin on Video, but with the switch to DVD's that have Region Coding stopped that.

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