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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Upsetting Article - Baby Food Update

The poisoning of China's babies from UK's Telegraph. Pretty upsetting article.

Key Points:
  • Sanlu first started receiving complaints in December of last year.
  • Li Changjiang, the minister in charge of product safety, has been forced to resign. That was a telling moment. Mr Li became a celebrity last year for his handling of the row over poisoned Chinese exports, which began with pet food tainted with melamine and moved on to lead-coated toys. He said it was a "foreign plot" by Western countries to protect themselves from Chinese imports. That hubris has now been his undoing, as it has China's.

There was another article, but of course now I can't find it, discussing how the New Zealand company that bought a minority share of the Chinese company, how they are being hurt. They attempted to work within the system in China, and now they are being blamed. Of course if they had worked outside of it, they would probably never be able to do business in China again, but more babies would not have gotten sick.



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