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Thursday, October 30, 2008

California Proposition 8 and Chinese Voters

Proposition 8 I know Chinese who are on both sides of the issue, both good friends of mine. One is very pro, and the other very against and sent me a long E-Mail on why to vote against it. There is even a TV adv. in Chinese for Proposition 8. I could not find one against it in Chinese, only a No on Prop 8 Flyer (Chinese).

What this shows is the diversity of the Chinese Community in the US

And for those into politics and the English language - interesting article - Jerry Brown's wording may trip up Prop. 8. Jerry Brown is one of the most interesting California politicians, I heard him speak when I was living in the Bay Area. The secretary of Commerce speaking, William Daley, and Jerry Brown came in and stole the show. It was lunch speaker series at my work. I still have a cup from his time as Governor, Brown is Green - from my Aunt to my Father, and it's mine by eminent domain ;-)



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