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Friday, November 14, 2008

Taiwanese Themed Restaurant in Rowland Heights Area

Theme restaurants make dining a zany experience from Merrill Shindler.

I have been to both, the
JURASSIC RESTAURANT was a one time event. People from my ex-work had gone there and said how great it was, so I took my wife there. Cute waitresses short skirts dressed up as cave women. Food was so so and music was very loud (we asked them to turn it down, which was done for a while). It's not for kids and they have a sign on the front about nobody under 21 inside, it's a good place to visit once. 15301 Gale Ave., City of Industry, (626) 336-5899.

Class 302 is in the 99 Market plaza at the corner of Gale and Nogales in Rowland Heights. Food is good, but you can get the same food other places cheaper. I have been here a couple of times with my wife and people from my former work. It's very Taiwanese and going with a Taiwanese will help you appreciate the nuances, from the chairs to what is on the blackboard, etc..

If your going for cute girls and beer, Jurassic Restaurant is the better bet, if your going for the food, Cafe 302 is best.



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