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Thursday, January 15, 2009

China's Industrial Revolusion Challenges

China is going through in 30 years, what the took the US over 100 years. To convert from an agricultural nation to an industrial one. And the US has already changed from industrial (manufacturing) to a service economy.

Industrial Revolution in the West.

1. Growth of cities
2. Food adulteration
3. Slum growth in cities
4. Deceases
5. Growth of middle class
6. Growth of reformers
7. Growth in transportation
8. Growth in overall wealth of the country
9. Increase in education
10. Child labor
11. Dehumanizing work conditions in giant factories.
12. Dorms for workers.

Some recent articles on China, which number would they match above?
  1. Protester sentenced in China
  2. Chinese officials gamble, and their luck runs out
  3. Internet usage rises in China
  4. A flowering of activism poses problems and solutions for China
  5. Parents reject China milk settlement



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