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Friday, February 27, 2009

Blogging Headaches

So what do you do when for 3 days in a row at home, your Internet Connection goes down.

Thanks Time Warner!

  1. Go to work so you can blog about Learning Chinese there.
  2. Wait till 11PM per your daughter when the Internet usually starts working again.
  3. Spend 50 minutes on the phone with Time Warner Tech support, get told by the second level there is a problem and their Engineers are working on it, and ask if you want a call back tomorrow to tell you if the Internet is working. What was strange was some web sites worked (ones with good band width). I also opened a case with my E-Commerce provider since their site was not coming up.
  4. Use your iPhone to post a blog. Doing so is painful and is not fun.
  5. Hack our iPhone so it can be used as a data connection for your laptop.
  6. Check availability through your local phone company.

Hmm, the first night I did #3, but I skipped the call back. I figured I could log online and figure out if the Internet was working. Next two nights I got to go to sleep early.

Tonight the Internet works, so I am checking availability. I need uptime!

Oh well so much for an alternative: Verizon High Speed Internet is not currently available.
2nd and 3rd night I gave a quick call, heard the recording (an improvement) that their Engineers are working to get it fixed ASAP.

I could get a wireless account, but other people like daughter do need Internet access.

I wish somebody else around my house offered High Speed Internet besides my local cable company!



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