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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Peanut Butter China Link

Lawmakers, industry in accord after salmonella outbreak - Baltimore Sun
had this quote:

Peter Hurley denounced Peanut Corp. of America - and the government watchdogs who were unable for months to trace the source of the contamination.

"What is this, China?"

9 dead and 600 sick so far due to the outbreak. Peanut Butter consumption has dropped 22% in the US. The plant supplied about 1% of the Peanut Butter in the US and the company has filed for bankruptcy.

My guesses:
  1. Food safety will be combined in one agency. Currently it's in both the department of agriculture and FDA. 75% chance.
  2. New Safety programs for food will be put in place.
  3. New safety programs for imported food will be put in place.



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