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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A school that teaches 'unteachable' students

A school that teaches 'unteachable' students - Times Online

UK Teacher who is being nominated for Teacher of the year there. Wonderful story, I like how she has a dog, yes a dog, in her class as a way to reach out to students. And how she painted the loos (water closets, oh American Term - Toilets) so change how people regarded them.

The quote " and got the boys to decorate the loos so that they were a source of pride rather than spaces associated with bullying"

Bathrooms in many K-12 schools I have been at are often dehumanizing. Concrete floors and look like something out of a prison. Some of them deliberately have no doors on the stalls (and this was a nicer High School/school district where I took my CBEST). A great way to find out about a company is by visiting their bathrooms, same thing with schools.



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