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Monday, April 6, 2009

Ships and Web Sites

I just took a mini vacation on a cruise ship (Long Beach to Ensenada, 3 night cruise) and I got a bit frustrated trying to get around and figure out where everything is. 


1. Navigation should be clear. 

  • It would have been nice if each deck had a number on it, instead of the
    letter.  Instead they used Deck Names, which was confusing...

2. Give people a clear map that lists out major places to go.

  • The map of the ship gave decks, but not much of what was on each deck. Not even in the room reference book. Frustrating, so we went exploring. I never did figure out how to get to the very front of the ship.

On ChildBook I created sections by Age to help navigation.

3. If there is something special, let people know.
  • Unfortunately, getting off the boat in Ensenada was confusing... One couple had gone up the elevator a few times. I had guessed the same way we came in, but it was different and there were no signs till you got really close. We got closer after we asked a crew person.
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