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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Japanese SuperHero Ultraman has Chinese Ancestor?

Thanks to Danwei for the pic


The sun god from the neolithic Hong Shan culture has big eyes, a tapering head, pokerface mouth. We can only wonder what mystical powers the Hong Shan sun god may have been capable of, besides harnessing the sun. I'm guessing it won't be called a god if its powers aren't ehmm.. awesome.

The Hong Shan culture is dated 4,700 BC 2,900 BC and artifacts from that culture have been found in Inner Mongolia to Liaobei and Hebei. Most notable from this era are the jade carvings produced then, the most popular being the jade pig dragon and the C-dragon amulets. However, there are also other interesting pieces unearthed from the Hong Shan time such as clay figures of pregnant women, copper rings, altars with mural paintings...please do read more about these, it's all very interesting.

Fast forward to 1970s in Japan : Here is a silver colored guy named Ultraman - with big eyes, tapering head and pokerface mouth as well. This silver dude also has powers, also super, as it frequently saves the world from big (!) bad monsters.

Wonder if they are distant relatives... both look alike and have special powers.

Next time your son or daughter tunes in to Ultraman, you can point out that there's this really cool being who looks like Ultraman, also Chinese and waaaaaaaaaaay older than the monster bashing superhero! (that's also your cue to insert some Chinese history in without your kid noticing it ;-)



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