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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

E-Mail Delay

My E-Mail server got upgraded a couple of days ago...

More space, faster, etc... from an industry leader - rackspace

Unfortunately a setting to forward the E-Mail to my Gmail account (great for spam filtering) did not work after the so called upgrade. So I was getting about 40% of my normal E-Mails. I was getting all the sales@childbook.com, but not the others.

I was all excited this morning since I was almost caught up! From my vacation and then the 3 day weekend. Then I found out about the E-Mail problem, figured out how to get the 150 or so E-Mails, mostly the type I need to reply to, download them, and start replying.

Just a few more to go! Good news is problem has been found and fixed. Challenging part is so much for my plans on being caught up today!



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