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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Selling Lessons Online Article

Interesting article from the NY Times - Selling Lessons Online Raises Cash and Questions

That brings up a lot of issues should teachers be allowed to sell their lessons online. Especially since they may have been developed during time paid for by a school.

My opinion is yes, they should be allowed to sell them because:

1. Many teachers spend a huge amount of time outside of regular school hours preparing for class.

2. It increases the amount of materials available for use by Teachers by giving an incentive to put materials out there. And the prices mentioned in the article are very reasonable. So the end result is a win win. A teacher who wants material has the option to buy materials, and other teachers will take the time to prepare materials.

The two sites mentioned in the article are Teachers pay Teachers and We Are Teachers.

Childbok has free Chinese Lesson Plans as well as free Chinese Coloring pages and worksheets.



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