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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Moving Update

ChildBook moved from our old warehouse to a new one about 4 miles away.

It's an exciting move to a much larger space. Moving was done over the holiday weekend. Thursday was for family, Friday morning was Father daughter time (ie Black Friday at the mall, we drove an hour to a mall in Irvine Spectrum and got there around 7AM). Moving took more time than I thought it would, we just finished moving stuff Tuesday night.

The old warehouse was a big step forward. It was a move out of the garage to a commercial location where I rented the second floor. The only headache was it was on the second floor of an office. The good news was I got lots of exercise moving stuff up the stairs, but moving out was challenging. The new warehouse is all on one floor and is a mix of office and warehouse space. The previous one I was using office space as a warehouse which worked, but was not great.

Phone an fax numbers have changed, unfortunately.



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