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Monday, December 14, 2009

Teenage Learning Chinese Materials

Quick reply I just did for a customer who wanted to know what I recommended for their 10 year old daughter for Learning Chinese.

My answer was assuming no native Chinese Speaker in the House and that she would be Learning Simplified Chinese.

I would go with Kuaile Hanyu - Happy Chinese or Chinese Made Easy

I like the teaching approach of Kuaile Hanyu and the fact they have CD's Roms (Software) for Learning Chinese. The CD Roms at $20 each are a great deal! What is great about Kualie Hanyu was it was written for teenagers so they actually enjoyed learning Chinese.

As a teenager parent, you may have noticed they can get a bit, umm, moody. Not that I have seen anything like that at home! Nope! Definitely not. My daughter does read my blog and is a Junior in High School...

The designers of Kauile Hanyu made it into format that has a story line, so their is an arc to it. Instead of learning a bunch of words, their is a purpose in how the book is written that progresses along with the story line.



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