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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Avatar's Lucky Chinese Numbers

Notice how the number of screens is a lucky number in Chinese. 6, 2, and 8's are all considered lucky numbers.

8 has the same sound as wealthy.
6 in Chinese means smoothly, works great, etc
2 is lucky, since there is a saying that good things come in pairs. Double Happiness is an example of that.

Avatar' pulled from 1,628 Chinese movie screens - LA Times.

Per the article Avatar has been pulled from the screen in China due to the issue of resettlement as well as competition to China's own film industry.

Some other possibilities on why the message of Avatar is disliked by the Chinese government:
  • Environmentalism - Avatar is very pro environmental, where China's government has a higher priority on their economy, than on the environment.
  • Challenge Authority - Avatar promotes not following the dictates of a central authority and the evil of big business (the rebellion by the main characters against the human company.
  • Indigenous People Rights - A touchy subject in China.



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