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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Crank Chats

Both Elitedresses.com and ChildBook.com has a chat feature that give customers a quick way to ask a question online.

I have now had two chats that were a bit crank chats. I hung up on both of them and logged out of the chat. My guess is both were boys wanting to show how smart they are and were bored.

It reminds me of before caller ID, how some kids would also place crank calls. A friend of mine in High School (Eric, the one who now lives in Texas) got a crank call and actually had a good conversation with the boy placing the calls. The crank caller was at a local hotel and was bored. My friend has incredible patience. Unfortunately I don't have that type of patience or time.

What is interesting is one person was from Pakistan and the other was from Canada. My chat software shows where the ISP of a person is giving me some idea of their location.



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