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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Chinatown Tour

Monterey Park Tour - $29 Dollars (discounted from $58). Looks interesting.

The New Chinatowns: San Gabriel Valley Bus Tour with Tea Tasting
from GoldStar

I am not sure why they are starting from Philippe's - great Beef Dip Sandwiches, cheap coffee a only 9 cents a cup, and the lemonade for us non Coffee drinkers is great, but a little more. Philippe's is located in Chinatown in Los Angeles. It's not the original Chinatown, that got moved after they put in Union Station in the 30's.

Back to the Monterey Park tour. I am trying to think about what would be interesting on the tour, besides great places to eat. The tour does not mention any of the gang killings that have happened. Nor any of the controversy over signs being required to also be in English. And San Gabriel has a good Chinese mall. I am not sure why they are ending the tour at Wing Hop Fung. Probably because the good places to eat are packed on the weekends.

Actually it is more than Monterey Park. The original summary is not that great, here is a better one. At least is includes Alhambra (awesome ice cream at Fosselman's, to bad that is not on the tour). Alhambra originally had a lot of Italians living there.

The official tour site.

My thoughts on an improved tour:
  1. Meet in Monterrey Park - I know about the parking...
  2. Stop by Fosselman's for some great ice cream! They also have more Chinese friendly flavors such as Mango, Guava, Leechee, etc. But I would stay with the Fresh Peach if it's available, if not Dutch Chocolate.
  3. Go by San Marino High School. This brings up the education angle.
  4. Stop by the Chinese Mall in San Gabriel.
  5. Stop by a Chinese Bakery, such as Diamond Bakery. Van's a Vietnamese bakery to show how there are also Vietnamese in the areas.
  6. Go through a Chinese Market where they have the live fish and such.
  7. Include at least one place where a gang shooting happened that was Asian related.
  8. An example house of the mansionization. San Marino should have an example of this. Arcadia would be better, but a bit out of the way.



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