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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Peaceful Pandas

In China, pandas symbolize peace.

It is believed that the panda is the embodiment of the yin and yang, due to its black and white color. People believe that the panda's peaceful demeanor symbolizes the peace and harmony that results to when the yin and yang are perfectly balanced.

During the Xizhou Dynasty, it was recognized that the panda has never been observed to attack people or other animals. Thus, during war time, when one warring side raised the flag with a drawing of the panda, it was a signal for cease fire. Thus, temporary peace would ensue.

Even today, pandas still symbolize peace. This can be seen from when China gifts (or recently, loans) these cute animals to other nations in this modern day and age, as a symbol of peace with that other country.

This week, ChildBook celebrates the peaceful panda in our Weekly Discount section. Some panda books that your child may like from ChildBook:



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