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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Binding China Together

China is not as monolithic as you may think. Historically China has often devolved into smaller areas, such as during the warlord era. Where there is relatively weak central government.

So what is the Chinese government doing to create one China?
  1. Pushing that everyone speak Mandarin. The Chinese government has been pushing this since the revolution of 1911 when the last emperor was over thrown. The growth of Mandarin in China has been amazing.

  2. High speed trains to link the country together. China plans by 2012 to have the largest high speed train, or bullet train network in the world.

  3. Increasing nationalism. By focusing on external enemies it helps to unite the people.

  4. Eliminate when possible the perception of existence minorities (such as Manchus). This way everyone shares the same background.

  5. Inter-marriage of ethnic groups with the Han majority. This one I am not sure of, but I have read a report of it.

  6. Control of media channels.

  7. Making sure all areas do well economically. By giving investment opportunities outside of the coastal areas.

  8. Pushing Han migrants to areas that have high minority populations such as Eastern China and Tibet to increase the Han population in that area, which reduces the risk of that area leaving China.



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