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Friday, May 21, 2010

Future of Book Selling

Good article from the Wall Street Journal - E-Books Rewrite Bookselling

I love bookstores and books. Probably one of the reasons I run an online Chinese bookstore.

I have noticed the local Borders and Barnes starting to stock different products. The local Borders in Brea has enlarged their non media area selling seasonal goods. The local Barnes & Noble has expanded their own published products. Per the article B&N is also going to expand to non media areas. This is due to the rise of eBooks as well as the huge growth in the selling of online book sales.

I have also noticed some of the Chinese book selling competition starting to diversify. One of them has added a large games section. The other one a while ago expanded to sell everything you would find in a Chinatown type tourist shop with Chinese jewelry, clothes, etc. Another bookstore added a Chinese Christian selection as well as a market

With EliteDresses originally it was started by my wife selling on eBay Flower Girl Dresses. Later I convinced my wife to add some Chinese Girls Dresses when she launched a web site.

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