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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chinese SAT II Tips

Its Summer!

And now there is time for your favorite Chinese student to study for the Chinese SAT II.

Some suggestions:
  1. Buy both of the Chinese SAT II books. Yes, the first book is has more pages, but there are even more tests in the second book and the more tests you do the better. The first book is also full of tips and techniques for taking the Chinese SAT, where the second book is just practice tests for the Listening, Grammar, and Reading. The book is just like the test, so its has the tests in Simplified,Traditional, Bo Po Mo, and Tradition (use only one, or all of them, they are all there). The actual text of the book is in Traditional. The book assumes you can read Chinese because it was created by the Association of Northern California Schools.
  2. Set aside a fixed amount of time every day to do some work in the book. If necessary use a timer. For many students it helps if they log your time to make sure your doing what your supposed to be doing. Alternate your studying, instead of spending 8 hours just focused on studying for the Chinese SAT II. After an hour take a break or change to another subject. Think of studying as a marathon, and not a sprint.
  3. Chart your progress and test scores. After you finish a test, figure out why you missed a question so you won't on the real test. See if there is some type of pattern or area that you are weak in.



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