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Sunday, July 18, 2010

2nd Home Invasion Robbery in Rowland in a week

2nd home invasion robbery in a week in Rowland Heights. Wow. This is just behind where I used to live. In a track of luxury homes that were built. I moved because it used to be a ravine behind me. A drop of 40 feet, that got filled to it was 5 feet above my house with luxury houses built on it. The builders had no idea about how to design for Asian buyers and were full fung shui issues. A blog post on good Fung Shui in houses.

I wonder if I should add a screen on our front door. Our old house was great. The previous owner were police officers and they had a gate and a fence in front of the front door, so our dogs had access to it. Our dogs loved to play the trick, where a poor person would ring the door bell and they would come running up, and then jump on the gate making it rattle. The house also had a dog run on the other side.

The house was designed like this, and the gate and fence connected to the front of the house.

___ gate and fence to wall |
| _ Door_ |
| |

Unfortunately where I now live is not like that.

May be time to buy a security screen door for the front door. That way we could also open the front door when it gets so hot (93 high today).

Women, children bound in Rowland Heights home-invasion robbery - SG Tribune



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