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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chinese Valentine Legend on Ballet

This year's Chinese Valentines Day is on August 16.  This week we are holding an Early Chinese Valentines Sale since you might want to plan ahead and celebrate with family.

If you want to share the Chinese Valentines legend with your family, you can read about it in our Chinese Valentines page. There you will find the story behind this special day, about 2 lovers separated by circumstance, and by a family that can only be reunited once a year, on the 7th day of the 7th month.  There are also the Chinese customs about this celebration that you can learn from.  And for the kids there are coloring pages they will like to color.

Here is something on YouTube posted by Benben1999, about the Chinese Valentines legend, a ballet performance done this year at Robert Healy School.  Unfortunately, no other info was posted for proper credits.  It's also a nice video to show after your children learn about the legend.  Then they can identify the story as the dance unfolds.  I think it's just a preview (I'm not sure) and only shows the love story between Niu Lang and Zhi Nu at the beginning.  But still, it's a nice video to share with kids, especially those who love dance and magical tales.

Anyway, many thanks to the poster of this video.

(Part 2 will be shown at the end of the video)

Some Chinese Valentines materials you might like : 

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Ms. Ding, the school teacher, introduces the property of "air" to simple-minded Shawn. Shawn is excited to find out more. This episode illustrates how Grand Auntie and Smarty get involved in Shawn's learning process, and how he is rewarded at the end.

I Love You Like Crazy Cakes
Based on her own life, the story of a mother who adopted a daughter from China.

From China with Love - A Long Road to Motherhood
When Emily Buchanan married, she assumed children would soon follow. Three miscarriages later she found herself doubting if she could, or should ever become a mother. She decided it was time to look at adoption and she eventually faced the mountain of bureaucratic and emotional challenge that will lead to the utter joy of bringing up Jade and Rose, her two Chinese daughters.



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