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Monday, July 12, 2010

iPhone as a parenting tool?

Great article, even if the title is very sensational.

iPhone: High-tech Child Abuse? - SF Gate.

The point made is the iPhone does represent instant gratification and I can understand how it may not help in developing patience, respect for others, and initiative.

Your child is an expert on you, and they know exactly how to get under you skin. Be it repeating "I am so bored" till you lose your patience to just grabbing your iPhone out of your purse. Please note these are hypothetical examples. Really...

The point is your kids know how to push your buttons because they have observed you since birth. They have done a huge amount of experimentation on you to find out what works. From a baby crying (hmm, did that get a response. If no, lets try louder. If yes, then this action can be repeated). Kids are incredibly smart and focused on achieving what they want. The trick is getting them to work on some of the necessary areas and learn to delay gratification to achieve their goals.



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