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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Teachers - A great one can make a difference

Good article from the LA Times -

A Times analysis, using data largely ignored by LAUSD, looks at which educators help students learn, and which hold them back.

I am hopeful the article helps. Some schools in LAUSD have a 60% drop out rate, which is a crime. The cost to society of a high school drop out can be huge. I was a student teacher in LAUSD and it had a huge impact on me. It was so different from my daughter's school where most kids want to learn and are driven by high parental expectations to do super well in school. Where I student taught, the students were so apathetic. An example was I offered a make up test for students who had missed a test, I came to school early. No students showed up for the test. I still shake my head in wonder at that. I find it incredibly sad.

A great teacher, and a poor teacher, can make a huge difference in your child's education. The headache is figuring out who the good ones are. I have noticed this with my daughter that she does so much better with a great teacher. She has been very lucky to have had a number of great teachers.

A good resource for parents to find out more about their teachers. I was surprised for my daughter's school how accurate it was on the teacher profile and how many teachers were in it. http://www.ratemyteachers.com

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