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Monday, October 18, 2010

Amazon's Customer Service

Amazon is the leading E-Commerce provider, but their customer service seems to be going down hill.  My guess is cost cutting and its hurting their customer experience.

My evidence:
  1. Review I read that has me wondering what is going on with Amazon Customer Service.  It seems to be getting worse. 
  2. I am also noticing they are cheapening up the packaging.  I have had 3 damaged books due to Amazon using a bag for a thin paper back book this year.  In my over 10 years of buying from Amazon I have never had anything damaged before.  Yes, I wrote a note to them about the damage.
  3. And when I complained about one book being damaged (2nd time), the customer service rep. told me just return it for a refund and since the same problem would happen again, they would not ship me one.  Yes, I could tell the customer service I was dealing with was in India.  I hit the roof!  And I called Amazon and complained and a person with a US accent answered.  A new book sent to me and I did not have to return the other.  I still had to explain in their system I did not have to return the other one (I kept on getting notifications and UPS even showed up expecting a pick up).



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