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Saturday, October 2, 2010

To Error is Human

I just deleted a blog comment that a bit upsetting.

Our goal is to have great customer service and we do our best. ChildBook is more a labor of love than just a business run by the numbers. Its about providing great products at a fair price with great customer service.

If there is a mistake on the web site, such as pricing, let me know and I"ll fix it. Mistakes happen and when you spot one, please do a quick E-Mail and let me work it out with you. When a page is hard coded, sometimes the price on it does not get updated, unfortunately. Which is why it's a bad idea to hard code a price, but sometimes it's the best way. Soft coded is where you change it one place, and updates everywhere. Hardcoded is where the price is just text and if I don't remember the page its on, it does not get updated.

One mistake on pricing that was in the customer's favor was an $14.95 book for a $1. I shipped the 4 books I had in stock and canceled the item from the one order I did not have stock to fulfill. And then the person I canceled it from asked for free shipping on their $4.95 order I gave them (lost money on that order with the free shipping).

And yes, I do moderate blog comments because for a while I was getting a lot of online Chinese School Spam comments. People trying to get better search position and they would paste the same comment on my blog with a link to their school (very annoying). I even wrote to their school and they still kept on doing it. Then I went to moderation and it finally stopped.



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